How to Get Lush and Hydrated Lashes

Don’t we just love the way curlers make our lashes look more glamorous?Did you know, however, that these can actually damage our lashes? In fact, there are specially designed curlers with rubber padding, which can be opted for as a safer means for curling. A post related to the methods of keeping lash follicles from falling out mentions the advantages of using such curlers. So, if you wish to curl your lashes, you can opt for this without causing much harm. However, you need to make sure that you have taken suitable measures for maintaining and nourishing your lashes as well. And, the simplest way to begin is to keep the moisture levels intact.

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Using Serums for Lustrous and Hydrated Lashes

Thankfully, eyelash enhancing serums are made available to us in a wide variety these days. You can pick one depending on your suitability. And if your primary aim is to keep them hydrated Neulash should be your pick. According to reviews on, Neulash has a highly nutrient rich formulation and is known to deliver benefits way beyond conditioning. What sets the formulation apart from the rest is its Active Eyelash Technology which brings about dramatic improvements to weak lashes. And the transformation stems from its moisture content. Neulash contains a unique substance called sodium hyaluronate which holds 1,000 times weight in water. It saturates the lashes and boosts elasticity, shine and softness. The bio-engineered peptides and amino acids help to protect the lashes. You need to apply it once, as you would do your eyeliner, right at the base of your lashes. Overnight application is preferred.


Other Options Are Available Too

Marini offers a lash enhancement serum which is considered highly suitable owing to its safe composition. In fact, if you wish to rely on a formulation that has been around for several years, Marini Lash could be among your best choices, as it has been around since 2005. The brightest thing about this formulation is that it is free from prostaglandins and other harmful chemical additive substances. It has been duly tested in skin research laboratories. Once you start using it, results are likely to be visible in the matter of a few weeks. You need to apply a small amount of serum to the root of the lashes and a limited amount should be applied. It would be a great idea to access comprehensive reviews of the serum from a trusted platform before taking a final call on starting with usage.


Well Balanced Reviews Make Choosing Easy

Although most of these serums like Neulash for instance are duly tested for safety, checking on comprehensive reviews showcased on trusted platforms is always a good idea. A complete review is one that provides a complete list of ingredients, speaks about numbers with respect to success rates, and discusses pros as well as cons. Depending on the nature of the problem you are facing, you can select your enhancement solution, post factual assessments. Remember, fueling lash growth is not about beauty alone, it is also about providing adequate protection to your eyes.