Kitchen Equipment Must-Haves

Kitchen is one of the most popular places in every house, this is a place where happens the magic that brings all the people together. This is exactly why it is so important to make this place an enjoyable and easy place to make that magic. Below we created a list of must-haves that can help you feel comfortable and relaxed while cooking for the whole family every day of the week.

1. Knives

There are a lot of nice pictures with the whole stand of butcher’s knives of all sizes and shapes that can be a great addition. But you should understand that in fact you need only three main knives to operate on the kitchen, namely a serrated knife, a 9- to 10-inch-long knife that is usually called a chef’s knife and a paring knife. Make sure that you have proper place to store the knives, the best option is a special holding that can come with sharping material inside. And do not buy cheap knives. Better spend some extra dollars on the knives that will last for longer time.

2. Cutting Boards

Professional chefs say that two cutting boards are a perfect match — one you will use for raw proteins and the other one for cooked foods and produce.

3. Measuring Spoons & Cups

Though some people believe that measuring spoons and cups are not necessary those who have them say that such tools simplify the process a lot. Experts say that you can check special sets of measuring spoons and cups from Le Creuset available all over Canada in order to get the best price for the best quality.

4. Bowls

Bowls are very useful if baking or making salads. You do not need to look for dozens of them, but a simple set of 3 stainless-steel mixing bowls fitting inside one another are perfect for any kitchen.

5. Utensils

It is highly advised to look for utensils that are heat resistant, nonstick and not full metal. You need to get a couple of spatulas, tongs, vegetable peeler (if you have never used it before then you may not get it in the first line), a rolling pin, a slotted spoon for draining, meat mallet, a wire whisk, several wooden spoons, and ladle for soups and punch.

6. Cookware

Cookware is something that you should not save on just as knives. Look for nonstick skillets because they are perfect tools for beginner cooks but always remember that it is prohibited to use metal utensils on nonstick pans because any scratched surfaces will have negative effect on their nonstick surfaces. Take one middle and one small nonstick skillet as a tart, as well as small and large saucepans and also a stockpot.

7. Kitchen equipment

And the last but not least important thing about the kitchen is equipment. Do not get everything you see, but think considerable about what exactly you will use. For example, the most frequent piece of equipment is a mixer. If you are not sure what else you might need, check several collection of appliances from Breville and learn about the possibilities you have to choose the best one you need.