Lace wigs – How to pick right wig for your hair?

Changing your hair used to be something that was hard to reverse.  The only ways that you could change your hair is by going through the process of getting your hair cut or getting your hair colored.  Getting your hair cut will result in you having to grow you hair back out if you are unhappy with the way it is cut.  This will take a long period of time, depending on how long you want to grow your hair.

During that period of time, your hair goes through a period where it does not look as kempt as usual.  If you have your hair colored, you risk having a color that you are not happy with.  You will have to deal with the color until it fades or if it is bad enough, you may have to have it redone.  There are many reasons why using a lace wig will be much more time effective and affordable than other options.

full lace wigs


Why should I use lace wigs instead of other options?

Having your hair done is a constantly ongoing process, so you will have to keep up with it no matter what.  Having your hair colored not only hurts your hair, but your pocketbook as well.  Highlighting or coloring your hair is expensive and takes a long time of you sitting in a salon chair.  The processing of your hair can cause damage that, although not irreversible, takes time to heal.  If you want to avoid your hair being damaged, full lace wigs are the way to go.  Not only are they more cost effective than repeated trips to the hairdresser, but they also are able to be changed frequently without going through the damaging effects on your hair.

How do I pick the right wig for me?

  • Pick a hairstyle that is right for your facial structure

There are magazine articles everywhere that give different facial shapes and indicate what types of hair styles look the best for each of those styles.  It is important to take this into consideration because you want to pick a hairstyle that is flattering to your facial structure. If you have a round face, you would look better with hair that frames your features and has body to it.  If you have a slim face, you will want a style that plays on those features.  Everyone has a different style and shape of face, and should pick a hairstyle to accent that.

  • Celebrity who has a hairstyle you like

One of the easiest ways to find a hairstyle that is perfect for you is by looking through celebrity magazines.  Celebrities have stylists that choose their hairstyles because they know what looks good and they do hair professionally on a daily basis.  If you take the time to go through these magazines and find hairstyles that you like, you can take those to your hairdresser and have them pick out the ones that they feel are the best for you.

  • Design a wig depending on what you like

There are many websites that allow you to design wigs from start to finish.  You can pick the style, length, texture, and color of your hair.  This gives you the opportunity to truly pick exactly what your end result will be.  This is for people who are looking for a wig that they want to have for a long period of time.

Wigs and hairpieces are the easiest way to change your appearance without doing any hardcore irreversible effects.  Full lace wigs give you the chance to pick something out and change it if you are not happy with the result.  They are easier on your hair and better all around in terms of cost and time, so give lace wigs a chance before you make your final decision on what you will choose for your hair.