Ledger Nano S vs Trezor – Full Comparison and Review

Do you want to buy hardware wallet to store your bitcoins? Checkout my full comparison and review of Ledger Nano S vs Trezor to get good idea.

Note that neither Ledger Nano S nor Trezor or some other hardware cryptocurrency wallet store your coins on themselves. Instead, coins are tracked for the Blockchain plus the hardware holds and protects the individual data needed to access and manage them. So, a Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet is a hardware key case where your private software keys are kept securely. So, think about Ledger Nano S and Trezor? How do they work, what features provide, and which cryptocurrencies do they support?

Ledger Wallet protects your bitcoins

Comparison of Ledger Nano S and Trezor

Both hardware wallets have two buttons made to manage wallet software. Besides, they both have a screen as well as a micro USB port. Note that Trezor Black’s screen is larger than one attached to Ledger Nano S. As for USB ports, they are important to connect devices to PC. Check and make sure transactions about the display and make sure them with assistance from the physical buttons. Both Ledger Nano S and Trezor provide this anti-malware second factor.

Supported Cryptocurrency

As for Ledger, they have developed solutions for Ethereum and Bitcoin. We think it really is enough in order to meet the current need for cryptocurrencies among ordinary customers. Note that both Bitcoin and Ethereum are fully supported via appropriate Chrome extensions, while Trezor offers limited features with regards to the Ethereum wallet.


Ledger Nano S blends with Windows, MacOS, Linux, or Chrome OS. Besides, it will require Google Chrome or Chromium to be utilized in order to connect with the hardware Bitcoin/Ethereum wallet.

As for Trezor, it allows to use both desktop and cellular devices. In addition to Windows, MacOS, and Linux, the wallet could be connected to Android devices.


Also be aware that When recovering wallet from seed with Ledger, the main process is usually done from your hardware wallet without even connecting it into a computer. In case of Trezor, you have to type your words for the computer keyboard. This makes Ledger more user-friendly.

Both Trezor and Ledger Nano s offer wallet Chrome applications allowing to manage your cryptocurrency wallets. Each application allows multiple accounts and leverage rich settings. User can receive, send and store the coins. They allow you to monitor and operate all your transaction trough wallet.


The last a part of our comparison is devoted to the price of both devices. You can purchase Ledger Nano S for less than 58€, while Trezor costs 89€.

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While both Trezor and Ledger Nano S have different look and designs but both provide very similar features. In fact, hardware wallet is the best way to secure your bitcoins. So, please let us know which do you think the best hardware wallet? Share your own thoughts and views here.