Look Great and Feel Perfect During Your Pregnancy

Undoubtedly pregnancy is one of the greatest periods in the life of every woman, but at the same time it may bring on a flood of various conflicting feelings. You are having a new life growing inside you, the body changes and expands. A pregnant woman has absolutely different body shape – you lose the waistline, you breasts get bigger, and your abdomen swells. This all is hard to accept, but we will try to make it happen.

According to the “veterans of pregnancy” the first two trimesters are the hardest, because your belly is bigger now, but people still do not understand that you are pregnant. In the third trimester it all gets easier.

Anyway, you should always remember that you are beautiful! And below read some of the great beauty bonuses of pregnancy.

Pleasant surprises

According to the observations of shop assistants from SevenWomen – a maternity clothing store, in any case people start behaving more civility if they see a pregnant woman around. For example, grocery baggers suddenly begin to volunteer in their wills to help out getting all the supplies to the car. People simply fall over themselves when trying to hold doors open for you. Men always proffer their seats on trains and all the public transport. People tend to smile more to you.

Some other great niceties come along with pregnancy, so enjoy them because they may only last several more months:

Fast-growing fingernails: According to the statistics, fingernails begin to grow much faster around the fourth month. It means that you are able to change your manicure more often!

A luxuriant head of hair: Experts say that during the second trimester, women usually notice that the hair begins to look extra healthy and full. But in fact you do not grow more hair in this period owing to pregnancy hormones, you are just losingless.

The proverbial “glow”: Same like with the hair, in the second trimester, you might notice that the skin begins to look much brighter than usual. Doctors say that this is an effect of the increase in blood volume. It means that you have more blood coming to the skin, and it gives the skin a luminescent look.

A turned-on mate: Some girls reject to believe in the fact that men do like pregnant women more that non-pregnant ones. Believe it or not, but men tend to feel some sensuality in blossoming breasts and soft curves, that a pregnant women has.

Looking your best

Unfortunately pregnant women tend to underestimate their appearance and so try to hide the very fact of pregnancy in all the possible way. According to the doctors women should on the contrary be more self-reliant during this period and try to emphasize the advantages of their body.

For example, if you have nice long and slim or sporty legs, then why should you hide them? On the contrary get some nice shorts or slim maternity pants online and show off on the street. You need to be confident and radiate that continence on the people around. You are a mother and you are a beautiful mother with perfect shapes!