Luxurious Amenities Await you at Janapriya Arcadia

As the property markets focus on the revival, changes are evident. The market has certainly gravitated towards the consumers. Builders have learnt that if they do not focus on the demands of the end users, they would suffer losses. Gone are the times when builders used to dictate terms. Now the property and the price tag should have a correlation. Builders cannot sell substandard properties at higher prices anymore. The buyers are more vigilant and they are aware of the market trends. The availability of substitutes and an increasing number of players in the property markets have leveled the playing field in favor of buyers.

The end result of real estate recession can directly be seen in the demand for affordable housing as well as luxury properties. Both offers are mutually exclusive and are at the opposite ends of the property spectrum.

In such an environment, only competitive builders can offer properties of either kind. Affordable housing requires a fine balance in economies of scale. This is the reason why Janapriya Arcadia offers luxurious amenities despite being an affordable housing project

What does Arcadia comprise of?

Janapriya Arcadia is one of those projects which are set to become the epitome of affordable housing options in the country. These projects have been created to offer the best accommodations at the most competitive prices in the affordable housing segments. This can be realized by the fact that the starting prices of units here is Rs. 18 lacs approximately. The minimum built-up area of apartments is 925 sq feet and the maximum is 1460 square feet. These accommodations can be considered to be luxurious when compared with other affordable housing projects.

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To ensure that the comfort of the residents does not diminish, the builders have designed the project to accommodate utility shops and ATM within the premises. Additionally, the project offers serene and peaceful environment and a landscaped courtyard is evident of that fact. There is also an amphitheater to offer you the venue for cultural programs, parties, shows and other live events. There is also a health centre that has been constructed within the premises to ensure that the residents have a place to have their health checked at regular intervals. There is a swimming pool as well as a gym within the premises.

2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments are being offered in this project. There are 2 variants of 2 BHK apartments and 2 variants of 3 BHK offerings. The buyers can move into the property immediately.

Accessibility of Arcadia

The Silver House Golf Course lies a kilometer away in the west of the project site. Kowkur and Venkusa Estate are all nearby. There is good road connectivity to other parts of the town. Schools, restaurants, banks and other amenities are all available close by. The project lies just south of Kowkur which is an upcoming neighborhood in the suburbs of Secunderabad. The Janapriya Engineers Syndicate is a well known builder firm in Hyderabad which has chosen the project site with great care. If one considers the properties for end use, then the builders have given it a great thought in the design phase. They also have ensured that the investment yields good ROI in the long term.