Makeover All in One Color Treatment for mom

The reason why the facial skin receives so much of importance and attention is well known to all of us. This is the aspect on which many of s are judged and on many things. A very well maintained and well kept face is in itself a great motivator to the others than the dull looking, drained off energy sort of a face. The more attention you pay towards its upkeep, the better. It not only motivates the others, but your own self. But you will have to look into the mirror and will you keep the mirror on your palm always? The answer is no and that is why the opulence of your face is reflected by those other people looking at you and their reaction to your face is what will motivate you! So, it is not a sin to take care of it as much is possible n your power. There are new and innovative methods that come up in the market and prescribed by the dermatologists as a sure shot way to produce instant results. Many actually do!

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The colour treatment:

The LED which is short for Light Emitting Diode is the principle on which the new product is based on. There are many different colors which can be produced using the right type of material which gives the color when charged and this color rays are passed on into the skin cells which will treat the deficiencies and other aberrations that the skin carries. When the rays of colored light are passed on to the cells, it gives energy to the cells and the rays work by penetrating deep into the skin layers and brings together. This technology or otherwise called as LED photon therapy which the skin absorbs the energy to correct any age related problems on the skin and the cells get a rejuvenation therapy by which the effects of aging can be controlled.

The product:

This is a handy, light weight portable device; it provides ultrasonic waves of the order of three millions per second, into the particular spot of skin and underneath the skin upto the muscle layers. The muscles also get the massage which gives a toned look to the face and the youthful skin of the past is reborn. There are three colors of the LED available in the device such as the blue, green and red. It is a multifunctional product apt for usage in a spa, and the different colors give out the light at different intensities and the suitable colour for the person can be chosen to treat with the right intensity depending on the skin’s need.

How to use:

The device has to be used only after cleaning the face from all the impurities and also by removing any small traces of makeup. The essence provided with the device has to be applied over the skin area and on the ultrasonic head area, and then you are good to go and massage the facial skin.


There are several benefits of using the LED photon therapy and the device on the facial skin. These include improvement of blood circulation, retain the moisture of the skin and to make it look young and healthy, it helps in removing age spots and other fine lines and wrinkles by ironing effect of the massage, it helps in whitening the skin, controls pimples or acne, it reduces the size of the pores, it tightens the skin, smoothing out the facial skin, and prevents the formation of the pigment melanin which makes the skin look dark. With all these essential needs, the one solution is right at hand’s reach.