Monster Tree House Club Reading Program

Is your child struggling to read or just isn’t interested in picking up a book? We parents struggle often to find ways in this digital age to get children interested in reading. It is becoming increasingly important to do so though, as children who read sooner in their life and enjoy it have proven to lead a much more successful life.

reading program

Monster Tree House Club has found a solid answer for this problem though! Children love getting mail sent to them and with this premier subscription service; they not only get a book but a new pen pal that is a character from the book series. Each letter and package is highly personalized to each individual child.

From the first day they receive their first letter, your child will be instantly engaged. The program encourages children to write back and every letter written is saved. This makes correspondence even more personal which means it is even more engaging. Every week your child will receive a letter or a package with a letter. Inside of each package your child will find learning materials that follow the characters and the book of the month. Having received a letter from the character previously, they will WANT to read the book instantly. This builds a driving motivation to read and also write.

The engagement does not end there though. Monster Tree House Club also has a custom puppet who can make short clips to further your child’s adventure into this fun world of learning and excitement. Our DvD’s have read along, silly songs and fun counting games so the education never stops.
For cheaper than the price of school lunch for a month, your child can receive what no program has been able to provide yet: guaranteed engagement in education.  Visit today to sign up now!