Pet Rabbits And Children

Everyone knows that rabbits are furry and adorable. Because of this, many parents buy their children pet rabbits. What many parents don’t know is that small children or children who tend to play rough are not the best companions for rabbits. Also, rabbits are not the best companions for these types of children. If you have older children or younger children who are used to handling small pets, pet rabbits could be a good idea.

Many people think that rabbits are cuddly. This is just a myth. The truth is that most rabbits don’t like to be held. If you are looking for a lap pet, a rabbit is not the best choice. When you try to pick up a rabbit, it will often kick and claw. Since rabbits have such sharp nails, you can end up with a nasty cut if you try to cuddle your rabbit. The rabbit can also injure itself trying to get away from you. Since rabbits have fragile bones, it can be seriously injured when it is trying to keep from being held.

Another problem with children having rabbits as pets is that rabbits are very timid. They like the quiet and loud noises tend to spook them. Since most children love to run around and yell, the rabbit can easily be frightened. If a rabbit is startled too strongly, it can die of heart failure. If your children are sitting and playing quietly, the rabbit might go up to them to see what is going on, but it won’t be because they want to play. In general, rabbits don’t like people.

You can have a pet rabbit or you can have a young child. Having both can result in issues. Many parents will get a rabbit for their older children to teach them responsibility. This is all well and good, however, it is up to you to make sure that your child is actually taking care of the rabbit. If they stop, it will be up to you to do it. A rabbit is a living thing and it needs to be properly cared for, whether it is by you or your children. Taking care of a rabbit can be good for a tween or teen who is supervised by a parent.

Some rabbits can be litter box trained, which would be a great job for the kids. When the rabbit is trained, cleaning the litter box is also a good job. Some other responsibilities that your child will have are grooming the rabbit’s fur, making sure that it has food and water, and giving it plenty of attention, exercise, and playtime. These are all excellent jobs for kids as long as they are old enough.

Overall, rabbits can make great family pets. As long as the children are old enough to understand that the rabbit is a living thing and not a toy, the rabbit will be safe. When it comes to caring for the rabbit, it is best that it is left up to the older children and let the younger children mature a bit before they start helping. Finally, it is up to the parents to make sure that the kids are properly taking care of the rabbit. If the whole family works together, a pet rabbit can be a joy to have around.