Recommendation for a San Antonio Plumber

I work as a writer for a San Antonio online magazine and plumbing forms most of my articles. One of my recent assignments involved compiling a series of articles based on recommendations by satisfied customers for a particular plumber. One of my initial companies to work on is Atex Plumbing of San Antonio. The following are some of the testimonials.

San Antonio plumber review


Hustling up a plumber

When her septic-tank developed a leak, this client turned to to come to her rescue. She had previously hired a different company but the technician did not have a clue on the source nor reason for the leak. So she looked up Atex’s number and called them up.

The firm’s technicians showed up early the following day and they immediately determined the problem. One of the trees on her property had a root that was growing into the septic-tank underground causing the leak. One of the technicians was even able to show her the point of puncture with a special camera he had brought with him. There was also an issue with a few faulty pipes that would have to be replaced to prevent a problem in the future.

The technicians were able to fix the tank long before the projected time, were punctual, honest, cheerful, quite professional and the cost was fair. She highly recommends the firm of plumbers.

A holiday clean-up

A leak in the kitchen during the Christmas season had a client fearful that she would have to wait until after the festivities for a plumber to come over. However, a Sunday appointment made with a technician from Atex Plumbing of San Antonio and who did not charge extra for weekends and holidays cleared up this notion.

The leak began inside a wall therefore the technician had to cut through a sink cabinet, literally tear down the sheet rock and extract molded insulation to get to the leak. He deftly fixed the leak, checked piping and water pressure to make sure the leak did not recur and then neatly cleaned after himself.

All this happened during the Christmas holiday week and the client knew that finding a professional ready to come over was simply a miracle. The technician said he was booked throughout the Christmas week because he wanted to earn some extra cash to help pay for some of his plumbing course fees. Those are the kind of people working for Atex. The client posted a really powerful recommendation for the firm.


Thrones fit for a King

A couple had recently gone online and bought four brand new commodes for their home. They had several recommended companies to choose from to do the installation and they opted for Atex. The technicians reported on-site right on time and commenced to assess the situation. They showed the couple right up-front that one of the bathrooms needed some extra plumbing work.

The toilet seats were heavy but the technicians had no problem carrying each one of them from the garage where they had been delivered and up to the second floor. As part of the service, they took away all the boxes, insulation and waste that had packaged the toilets and neatly cleaned the entire area. They took away the old toilets too at no extra cost with the job taking two hours.

As far as companies who offer plumber services go, this one was at the very top.