Review : Dillon Ryan Designs

Film Student, Singer/Songwriter, and Visual Artist Dillon Ryan creates collections and designs from her writings and begins charity in her late mother’s name.

Dillon Ryan is a multi-disciplinary artist, creating music, visual and functional art for a cause dear to her heart. Her journey was born of personal heartbreak: caring for her mother throughout a long battle with cancer, she realized how little help there was available to the caregivers, families and loved ones of those who suffer. Transitioning from childhood to head of the household, coupled with the devastating loss of a parent at a tender age would shape her art for years to come, and have led to the conception of this project, both a heartfelt tribute and a need to connect with and help others who are suffering similar tragedies. She has created designs and art in order to raise money.

“I want to give hope to people who are going through the same things I did. I can’t help but feel I could have done a better job taking care of my mother if I hadn’t had to worry about keeping the heat on and struggling to keep my job because of all the time off I had to take.”