River – Your Votes Create the Deals

Discovery and deals, by the people for the people. The shopping experience has almost always been a company or a brand telling us what they think we should buy.

How about telling them what WE want and getting it at a great price and making some money by helping build the community and passing those savings forward.

Create your very own shopping experience. Your voice, your vote counts.

> Browse the gallery and vote for items you are interested in. Your friends, followers and the rest of the community will be doing the same.

> Share links to your favorite stores and products you like.

> When you sign up you’ll get a link to share with all your friends and followers so they can sign up too.

You will make a percentage of EACH sale from EVERY purchase made by everyone who signs up from your link.

> We will reach out to awesome merchants who can offer you a great deal on the products you are actually interested in.

Head up and Signup at http://voteriver.com/index/signup to start using their attractive features and bonus. If you want more details then please post your valuable comments here. I would be more than happy to reply you.