Salary : How Much Does a Pharmacy Tech Make

A lot of professionals would rather pursue their own field of career goals primarily because such an occupation would allow them to earn big and would make them more successful in financial terms. In fact, that is the common clamor of most workers and professionals nowadays. They work in order to bring home the bacon. And that has always been the case ever since because it is of such reason why every individual and every household is able to survive.

However, there is a high contradiction ever present in various careers that are focused on public service. While it is true that making money is the main concern of every working individual, one cannot deny the fact that it is also equally important to be able to provide quality service for the society especially in terms of medical aspects as such concerns life which is of vital importance to every person.

pharmacy tech earning

The Humble work of a Pharmacy Technician

Before going deeper, it is important that one should know what exactly is a pharmacy technician and what does their work entail. A lot of people think that their work is pretty much each but that is way contrary and far from the truth. It should also be known as early as now that the work of a pharmacy technician is very much different from that of an actual pharmacist.

Basically, the job of a pharmacy technician is that they are the ones that offer assistance to the licensed pharmacists in being able to properly carry out various works in the pharmacy. This would entail the dispensing of medicines, filling of a prescription and even ensuring that the numbers of tablets or pills are correct before it will be handed to the customer.

A lot of people might complain that the salary of a pharmacy technician is quite low but this is where you need to realize that it is equally fulfilling to be able to carry out such duties and responsibilities all for public service. Besides, while most people think it is low, it is generally okay and satisfying as compared to other retail jobs that are present in the market. And that one may be able to earn right away the very moment a certain pharmacy technician would be able to finish his on the job training. In fact, he or she does not even need a college degree to be able to land a job in this area.

The starting pay

Now, if you are new to the industry or you may have landed your first jot, you may be able to enjoy a good starting pay or a just-enough starting pay. To cite the worst starting pay rate, the East Tennessee pharmacy technicians earn at about $7-$9 only on an hourly basis especially if these are just fresh from college and have not undergone any form of accreditation yet.

Usually though, an entry level salary wage is already very acceptable and in fact, a good paying rate even.

Their average salary in the US setting

Considering that the setting that we are talking about is in the United States, typically the salary of a pharmacy technician is about $28,400 every year. This would mean that a certain pharmacy technician is earning $12 on an hourly basis.

Now, talking about polar comparison as to the salary of the pharmacy technician, the top earning pharmacy technicians belonging to very prestigious companies generally earn about $40,710 on a yearly basis. And the lowest earning pharmacy technicians would range about $19,840 on a yearly basis also. This gives us to an average of $28,400 as to how much does a pharmacy tech make.

Being a pharmacy technician would also be able to you to earn a lot more or lesser depending on where you are employed at. For those who are employed in pharmacy stores, they usually earn at about $27,160. On the other hand, pharmacy technicians who are employed in hospitals earn at about $32,400 on a yearly basis.

About fringe benefits, this type of job also has its fair share. They are entitled to the usual standard benefits such as a good retirement plan. They also paid sick leave benefits, medical insurance, and liability or accident coverage.

Pharmacy technicians’ salary around the world

It is not at all true that this type of profession is earning a low salary. Indeed, there have been cases in which a lot of people would complain about the salary but it could be that they don’t love their job at all. And it is of this reason that they feel that they are getting underpaid for a very excruciating and tiring work. After all, if you have to do something that you don’t love especially in your work, the effort would come out twice thus making you feel like you have to do extra work and extra effort. Besides, such salary does not pay for your non-appreciation of your work.

  • Pharmacy technicians in Canada

The annual salary of a Canadian pharmacy tech would be between C$21,490 up to C$41,282. This provides an hourly wage rate for about C$10.38 up to C$19.58 on an hourly basis. In addition, they are also entitled to extra benefits and fringe advantages depending on the company that they are working for.

  • Pharmacy technicians in Australia

The annual salary of an Australian pharmacy tech would be between AU$31,869 up to AUS$47,580. This provides an hourly wage rate for about AU$15.42 up toAU$22.34 on an hourly basis. In addition, they are also entitled to extra benefits and fringe advantages depending on the company that they are working for.

Indeed, there is a great pride in the work of a pharmacy technician. And if you come to really look at it, there is also a great pride in terms of its compensation package. True, its work can be nonstop and very much tiring but the rewards are great in terms of pay and in terms of community service.