Save huge using Blendtec Coupons

If you’re planning to purchase blender or mixer then you should try to use the coupon codes of Blendtec to save on shipping and your next online order.

Blendtec is one of the best brand that feature wide ranges of kitchen appliances and specially known for their blenders which you can use for home or commercial purpose. They also manufacturer and design award winning mixers, grinder, juicer and many other accessories. It was founded few decades back and now they ship their products over 50 country across the world including US, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, China, India, France and many more.

Top ways to save on Blendtec using coupons and promo codes :-

Usually Blendtec cost you to anything from $350 to $800 depends on your purpose. But many time if you don’t qualify for Free Shipping offer you’ve to pay around $50 to get that at your home or restaurant.

Simply head over to their site and place the order from their wide range of products or accessories and under checkout page, You’ll see the option saying that Get my order at Free Shipping, Simply tick that and you won’t be charged for shipping. In this way you can save around $50 which is really good deal to get their award winning and high quality blender at your doorsteps.

There are so many blogs and site that features Blendtec coupons, But according to my knowledge they rarely release any of that. Most of the time you can get Free Shipping offer but sometime during the festival or Holiday or any special event they also features promo codes that is one time usable that you can apply to get additional $40 saving on their wonderful products.

You can also ask their customer and sales Representative about any currently running coupons or I would suggest you to stop by their Facebook and Twitter pages where you can probably see small message and alert about currently running offers. One of my friend got 20% discount on their Classic Blender and save almost $100 combining that with Free Shipping deal.

So always follow all the steps given here before you place your order for Blendtec products in order to save a lot.