Save Yourself by Saving Your House

It is really necessary to deal with the home issues but sometimes we become so busy in dealing with the minor issues that we forget the major ones. And one of the major issues is House owner insurance. Its probability is least when you build your house yourself but the chances increases when you decide to buy them from others.

We stayed on the second floor of the Coach House.

What are the cases of not getting house insurance?

Always remember, insurance is done for the major happenings not the smaller ones. Yes, you can claims on the smaller issues too but then again you will not get any insurance in major issues if you are busy in taking them in smaller ones.

So, these are the situations of not getting any insurance:

  • Storm damage claim: It is difficult to get any insurance in cases of storms because the requesters’ stops responding you when you file any sort of problems like this or they will simply tell you that it does not come under their company’s policy. So, remain firm and try to collect all the possible reports which may make your side stronger.
  • Damages by pest: Do not fail to notice pest problems as they may be small today but slowly-slowly they convert into a bigger problem. Try to go for pest spray if needed because the insurance for any damage caused by pests is not included in the company’s policies. So, it better to have prior care rather than suffering later.
  • Security issues: If the damage occurs because of the security issues then companies are not liable for any insurance because it was sure short your mistake and you are the only one who should be liable. So, have a great check on your security system. Do not forget to install CCTV cameras, and try to reduce them as much as possible.
  • Loses incurred because of carelessness: Leaving the taps open because of which whole house suffered from flood or leaving gas pipe open or not paying any attention to its leakage are the issues of carelessness and insurance companies are not made to pay for them.

How to reduce insurance related problems?

  • Try avoiding claims for minor things which you can handle by yourself because at times it happens when you do not get any claim for the major damage. They may happen because the executives stop replying you because of your claiming nature.
  • Always make a report of the problem for which you want to claim because sometimes because of the lack of clues you do not get insurance.
  • Do not forget to check the claim history of the property before buying because at times high past claim history becomes the reason for no future insurance.
  • Never forget to make the insurance payments on time, because of the late payments you made end up losing the insurance.

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