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As a mom of three, has been invaluable in helping me make sure my kids are well clothed, and the option to sell gently used clothes once they are outgrown has proved to be a great way to generate extra funds too!
The website is well put together, clear and easy to use. The cute designs and fun colors mean that my kids even like to browse with me sometimes too! Buying from the site is easy, and the process is very straight forward and fast. The How To guides answered all my questions when I first found the site, and made me feel very comfortable with the entire process of shopping online.

The items themselves are always in great condition, and come exactly as described. I love the selection of clothes and shoes on sale, the fact that I can shop for all of my girls in one place, and the value for money! The clothes listed for sale are always up to date, and the wide range of choices makes it easy to shop for anyone. Every item that I have gifted has been absolutely loved!
The navigation system makes everything easy to browse. I particularly like the outfit option, and being able to choose to buy an entire outfit (without the hassle of figuring one out) or just a single item that I need, cuts down the time it takes for me to place my order. The age grouping system lets me select the size of clothes I require and view what’s available in that size, without going through the hassle of finding an item I love, only to be disappointed when it’s not available in the size I want.

I’ve had some amazing finds on this site, my girls are always receiving compliments on their outfits and I don’t have to shell out high retail prices for them! My orders have always arrived quickly and been well packaged, and the flat rate shipping means I don’t have to worry about how much I order.

I’ve not only saved money on some really cute clothes, I’ve also made a decent amount selling my Like-new clothing. The How To guides made it really easy to get started, and customer service answered my call quickly when I still had questions. The representative that dealt with me was friendly and supportive, and made sure I understood the process.

Having three kids growing out of their clothes every year can be a huge financial burden. By using to sell outgrown items, I can now earn money to buy new clothes. Both the girls and I are all happy with that! I’d highly recommend them to anyone with young children who could use the spare cash, and has unwanted, unworn or outgrown clothes.
Overall, my experience with them has been great. Thanks to their reasonable prices, gorgeous selection of items, and their selling option, I have saved money on all three of my girls clothes while giving each of them a gorgeous wardrobe.