Seven Tips To Help Make Laser Hair Removal More Effective

Laser hair removal keeps women from having to use straight razors and other hair removal methods. Straight razors, no matter how much effort is given to make them more feminine and smooth, can still cause cuts and abrasions on the skin. Not only that but the hair grows back, and other hair removal methods like waxing are not any better.

Using a laser for hair removal works best, and there are some tips and tricks you can use to help you get the best results:

#1 Avoid Waxing/Tweezing Prior To Appointment

While you may have strayed away from using a razor and explored other hair removal options prior to choosing hair removal by laser, you will get better results if you have avoided tweezing and waxing in the six weeks leading up to your appointment. The reason is these two hair removal methods remove hair from the root up, and this can mess with the effectiveness of the laser when you go in for the procedure.

#2 Newer Technologies

Not all facilities and equipment are the same, and there are some newer technologies out there that you can explore. For example, some machines help prepare your skin for the laser technology by producing a coolant spray prior to the pulsing laser treating your skin. Some lasers can also penetrate deeper than others, ensuring better results.

#3 Consultations

If you go in for a consultation, a test pulse can be performed. This is very helpful because you’ve chosen a facility, and you may have questions. You also want to see how the laser is going to work. The test pulse can alleviate any of your concerns, and you can also see if there is anything you need to do to get better results.

#4 Shaving

You have been told not to wax or tweeze before your appointment. However, shaving prior to your appointment is a good idea. The reason for this is it can help reduce risk for any pain during the treatment.

#5 No Caffeine

You are probably one of the many caffeine drinkers out there, right? If so, do not drink any caffeine within 24 hours of your hair removal appointment. This will keep you more relaxed, and you can also minimize any pain felt during the procedure.

#6 Dark Hair, Light Skin

This is the ideal situation for laser hair removal therapy. If you’re not sure about your skin type and hair type, then you can go over these things with a clinician. He or she can guide you to what you can expect and help you prepare for the treatment.

#7 Post-Treatment

You go for your first treatment, and now you know what to expect. Was there any pain felt? Did you get the results you wanted? This is an important time to communicate with the specialist and ask any questions regarding how you can make the treatment better. It can also guide him or her concerning your pain level, making the next appointment you make a more pleasant experience.