*Over*Sogno Coffee Review! Get a Chance to Try it Yourself!

I wake up everyday with a cup of coffee so when I had a chance to review Sogno coffee, I was very excited! I actually have grown to love coffee more and more over the years. Now I actually love the aroma, the flavor and can’t wait to have my first cup in the morning.

Sogno has 4 different blends to choose from:

Sole – The Sun [ Bold ]
Power and majesty-heat and radiance. It lights our world and warms our bones. It is a constant, a necessity for life. It is the god of gods and source of all life. It creates shadows and balances the pull of the moon.

Vento – The Wind [ Espresso ]
It can cool the sun’s power, blow away the clouds or playfully cool a warm day. Cool, hot or frigid a welcomed friend or untamed force.

Cielo – The Sky [ Medium Roast ]
A clear, blue cerulean canopy. We look up to see the reflection of the earth and the seas. We are reminded of the color of a new baby’s eyes. It is the color of trust and truth. It is the canvass for the art of the sun and clouds.

Nuvola – Cloud [ Decaf ]
Moisture and air meet in a nebulous entity. The playful one, here one moment and gone the next-playing Hide and Seek with the sun. It is an amorphous ever changing form light to dark–sugar spun or threatening. The master of rain and shade can block the sun’s power or let its radiance shine through.

Sogno let me choose two to try out. We chose Sole and Cielo. Both were very good. Very smooth and so much better than the store brand that we normally get. The true test was my husband. He’s always been more picky about his coffee. He also was very impressed with Sogno Coffee.

You can find Sogno on Facebook, Twitter and Online.


One lucky Slop Swap reader is going to get to try out Sogno Coffee for themselves! Just enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance.

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I was given the product for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own.

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