Out of the Box Pumpkin Recipe Ideas


Pumpkin Recipe Ideas – Sweet And Savory Surprises Pumpkins are everywhere the minute summer starts to fade and fall approaches. No matter where you turn, there is a pumpkin with a candle inside of it, fields of pumpkins to be chosen, piles of pumpkins, people dressed as pumpkins, and even trash bags for your leaves […]

Kitchen Tips More from the Farmer’s Market

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Breakfast From The Farmers Market – Fresh Ideas To Start Your Day If you are looking for fresh, creative breakfast ideas, you can’t do better than the local farmers market. Who knows better about how best to use what’s fresh and available than the people who grow it? You need a day’s worth of energy […]

Try Some new Fall Soups

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Fall Time Is Soup Time – Try out some new Fall Soups The start of the fall season is usually marked by that first hint of chill in the air. This makes fall the perfect time to curl up with a bowl of soup. Here are a few soups that you should try this fall […]

Shopping the Farmer’s Market

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From Farm To Table – Great reasons for Shopping the Farmer’s Market The ‘buy local, eat local’ craze is sweeping the nation. Eating local is a great idea, but where do you start? What benefits does it give to you and your local community? These are all great questions and, surprisingly, the answers are fairly […]

5 Kitchen Staples to Help Save Money


When we are making a trip to the grocery store every week to the tune of hundreds of dollars, we sure could use some tips on saving money. Good planning and preparation is key. The items that we have on hand are what determine how far our food will go. Filling your cabinets or pantry […]