The 7 Commandments of Hair Beauty

Alright, people. If you want hair that beams with shine, silkiness, and health, follow these Hair Beauty Commandments!

Thou shalt have more protein

Yes, hair is basically composed of the protein keratin; so feeding your body protein, such as nuts, meats, and fish, will further enhance your hair’s health and strength in the long run. With happy, healthy hair, there are less chances for damaged hair or split ends. It’s a long term commitment you ultimately should invest in!


Honor thy Shampoo and Conditioner

Ever felt dazed and confused when walking down the hair shampoo and conditioner aisle? So many colors and so many new fragrances out on the shelves ready to be glorified in hair. However, is it the right one for you? There are specific websites that offer a list of shampoos and conditioners one should use for any hair type, ranging from the smooth straight hair to the richly curly hair to even those who are struggling with hair loss! You might also want to check out these supplements reviewed by Andrea if you want to get the optimum results for your hair.


Thou Shalt apply Silk therapy before Blow-dry

If you feel that your hair is just not maintaining that silky feel you want, Silk therapy tonic is a solution. Applying this lightweight treatment on damp hair before a blow-dry will give you silky, replenished, and gracefully obedient hair.


Thou shalt blow-dry in sections

Stepping out of the shower and observing the large hunk of dripping hair, you begin to dread the challenges of blow-drying. Never fear! A secret would be to separate the hair into sections (i.e. lower back, middle back, top, lower right, upper right, lower left, upper left) and blow dry each section with a round brush. A hair beauty tip to include here is to run the iron on each individual section after blow-drying in order to reduce multiple iron runs on the same hair area.


Thou shalt have a CHI flat iron

The CHI flat iron gets the job done the first time around! Equipped with ceramic technology, allowing for even heat distribution, you will spend half the amount of time actually straightening and more time looking glamorous. And remember, the less intense heat your hair is exposed to, the less likely your hair will be damaged.


Remember thy sabbath day and get plenty of sleep

Those who lacks sleep and are stressed can affect the body’s secreted level of hormones, thus hair loss will likely to happen. Aside from that, sleep deprivation can also lead to a lot of other higher health risks.Have a break from your routine, take a short vacation, or simply get a complete 8 hours of sleep, will definitely enhance your overall health and avoid “bad hair day”.


Thou shalt style with Moroccan oil

A precious and fragrant oil from the Moroccan lands of Africa, Moroccan Oil is a great way to bring ultimate style and shine to your hair. Be sure to apply a dime size of oil to the palm of your hand, spread it evenly on your fingers, and run your fingers through the ends of your hair and bangs, parting it in any way your heart desires. The best part about Moroccan oil is its light, non-stickiness texture that will leave your hair shiny, soft, and smelling great!