The Pinnacle of Double Stroller Selection Guide!

There are different kinds of double strollers you can purchase from a retail store or online depending upon the requirement.

Sit and Stand Double Stroller: These double strollers can accommodate two babies who can be kept in both sitting and standing positions. They are quite adjustable and you can configure the settings as per requirement. These strollers are equipped with multiple accessories, five point harness system, hand brake for control and much more.

Umbrella Strollers: These are light weight strollers that can be moved very easily among the huge crowd with safety. They are easy to open or close at an instance. The canopy like umbrella protects the babies from scorching sun rays and is comfortable for the afternoon ride. These strollers are not safe for riding on the broken roads with potholes and uneven landscape areas. They also lack the high end accessories that are amusing for the parents.

Side by Side Double Strollers: The side by side strollers offer better balance for the parents to take the children for a ride. However the greater width of the side by side double stroller makes it quite difficult for the maneuvering through narrow spaces on the roads. There is a shortage of space that becomes too short when the baby grows after some months.

Tandem Double Strollers: The tandem strollers are also called back to back strollers. In these strollers one child is seated at the back of the other. The convenience to move through narrow aisles makes these strollers very popular choice among parents. They occupy a lesser width on the road, easing out the sidewalks quite comfortably. With easy adjustments, you can easily fold them with a single hand only.

Jogging Strollers: The jogging strollers are equipped with three wheeled ergonomic designs to bear the balance of the stroller during jogging even on most sturdy roads. To protect the child in the stroller while jogging with greater speed, there are safety belts, five point harnesses, hand brakes etc. You can also buy jogger strollers in back to back or side by side models as per convenience.

Double Stroller Buying Guide

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of buying the above mentioned double strollers it is very difficult to pick the most suitable model and design. Here are some factors that you need to focus on while you purchase a double stroller for your children.

  • Accommodating the Stroller in a Vehicle: It is very important to check if the size of the stroller is appropriate to fit inside your vehicle. This can be a great problem if you do not check the folding adjustments while buying. When buying from online sites, always check if they are flexible for folding and keeping in the car or not.


  • Weight Bearing Capacity: When you purchase the stroller, always check the maximum weight that the stroller can lift. Generally double strollers have the maximum weight capacity of 70 to 100 pounds of weight. Purchasing strollers with greater weight capacity is worth investing that will help you to use the same one till kids reach their school.


  • Weight of the Stroller: Too much of heavy weight double strollers can be hard to move. Moreover, adding extra accessories increases the weight even further. The umbrella strollers are comparatively light and easy to move while the jogging strollers have maximum stroller weight.


  • Stroller Size: The size of the double stroller you want to purchase depends upon its occupancy inside the vehicle as well as the availability of space where you take your baby in the stroller. Some giant jogging stroller models are very difficult to fit inside the car.


  • Safety Issues: Before purchasing a particular stroller the parents need to ensure that the stroller is tested for safety compliance. The buyers can visit the official site of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Simultaneously also visit the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA) website for more information. The JPMA approval seal is granted to the specific product models after conducting multiple quality and safety checks.


  • Brands: The most established brands sell the quality test approved products. The brands such as Baby Trend, Britax, Schwinn, Mountain Buggy, Graco are some of the top sellers of double strollers. However, it is important to check the stroller personally before buying to be double sure.

You can find plenty of eCommerce sites selling quality double strollers. When you select the product for buying, check the manufacturer details, their location, etc. Collect the other details such as the years for which the company has been in the double stroller selling business to get the idea of the quality of the product standard. Here are some more tips for double stroller buying guide online.

Tips on Buying Double Stroller Online

When buying online it is very difficult to understand the product properly. Some reputed sites offer protection provisions for the buyers that empower them to return the product in the event of a dispute and claim refund for the product costs and shipping charges. Read the Double Stroller Reviews that you are purchasing to get the fair idea about the product. To search for the right kind of product ensure that you have entered the correct keywords. In case of color or model preference, enter the proper search terms.