Tips To Building Self-Confidence In Your Child

As parents, we only want the very best for our children. In order to help them grow into confident young people we need to be sure we are working with them and not against them.

Show Interest

No matter what your child’s hobby is, show interest and support. Children take great pride when they know that mom or dad are watching and they will strive to do their best. However if they fail, pick them back up and teach them to try again.

Keep The Past In The Past

When your child does something wrong, it is easy to bring up other mistakes they have made. However, teaching them not to dwell on the past can be a very important lesson for your child. Let them continue to learn from their choices and consequences. Be supportive and remind them that tomorrow is a new day.

Do Not Communicate Disappointment

You as a parent are your child’s biggest hero. If they feel like they have disappointed you, they may give up and not try again because the feeling of hurting you is too large for them to handle. Let them know that you are still proud of them. That’s all they really want anyway.


Set up a reward system. When your child makes good choices, reward them with something simple. Come up with good options together that will help them strive towards their goal. You may find that a lunch date with your child is the only reward they need.

Self-confidence and self-esteem go hand in hand. As parents, if you would like to also help your children build up their self-esteem as well, please do check out this fabulous resource: