Top 5 Family Entertainment Spots In Sardinia

Let’s have fun and get pleasurable moments during the weekend!

Sardinia is a world of marvelous beaches, as it is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.
Su Nuraxi di Barumini is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which you cannot miss! Have a look at four corner towers and a main one constructed between the 17th and 13th centuries BCE.
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1. Amazing adventures are waiting for you in Aquafantasy!

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Location: Loc. Paduledda, 07038 Trinita d’Agultu e Vignola, Sardinia, Italy
GPS position: 40.997951, 8.897632
Working hours: June 26 – September 5 10:00 -18:30.
Price range: 11Euro for the whole day
Parking: Available
Do not worry if you have forgotten to take with you sandwiches or umbrella! Aquafantasy has everything what you need: a bar with tasty drinks, different sandwiches, fast food, and a lot of ice cream!
You will be offered to use wardrobe and lockers, sun beds, also you can take a shower after the swimming.
So many various attractions you can try during the whole day: Idrotubo Twister – tubular water slide 80 meters long, Gemelli – steep waterslide with a slope, Rio Lento – is 200 m, Laguna Magica – equipped with slides for children and with big swimming pool, also whirlpool and Solarium for adults.

2. Gregoland is the biggest playground for children!

Location: Via dei Vellieri, Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy
GPS position: 41.139028, 9.525311
Working hours: every day
Price range: free of charge
Parking: Not available
Gregoland is a public playground situated in Costa Smeralda. It is a real heaven for children. So many various rides, swings, seesaws, horizontal bars, Swedish walls are all here.
Do not hesitate and let’s make a super gift for your children. Try a modern train station or ride a car, climb to the pick of the house, or go down the hill. Enjoy unforgettable view of the Porto Cervo Bay. And this beautiful playground is on the fresh air.

3. Try a completely new experience in Skydive Sardegna!

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Location: Aviosuperficie del Parteolla | SS 387 KM. 22, 900, Serdiana, Sardinia, Italy
GPS position: 39.373064, 9.157212
Price range: min age is 16 years old with parent’s supervision,
Under 18 – 1350 euro
Parking: Available
When people are travelling abroad some extraordinary thoughts come to the mind. Skydiving is just among those things. Check how brave you are!
After 30 min of training by well qualified instructor you will be ready to fall from 4000 m high.
You will be fastened to the instructor with safe belts. When you reach 1500 m it is necessary to open the parachute. 60 seconds of free fall are guaranteed.
You would feel how adrenaline is overfilling you. A camera will make a video from the beginning till landing, so this adventure you can show to your friends.

4. Explore the underwater world with the help of Costa Paradiso Diving Center!

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Location: Loc. Costa Paradiso, 07038 Trinita d’Agultu e Vignola, Sardinia, Italy
GPS position: 41.057398, 8.959682
Working hours: Every three four days 9.00-17.00
Price range: from 21Euro
Parking:not available
You can have a fantastic diving experience in Costa Paradiso Diving Center. They have 2 big inflatable boats and take them usually out at 9.00, 15.00 and 17.00.
Trainers speak English, German, French, so you can ask them any questions. For diving you can hire a 15L steel tank and a swimming suit, all necessary equipment for a long being under water.
You are able to make unique photos of rare animals or fish by a special camera. Discover many canyons and caves which can contain red corals.

5. Ride in canoe while visiting Aquarium “Laguna di Nora”!

Location: Loc. Nora, 09010 Pula, Sardinia, Italy
GPS position: 38.993409 ,9.013583
Working hours: July and August: 10.00-20.00 (10 am – 8pm)
June and September: 10.00-19.00 (10 am – 7 pm)
Price range: Adults € 25.00 Children (3-12 years) € 15.00
Parking: available
Aquarium “Laguna di Nora” is a large place which includes many various species of fish and small animals which live in the Mediterranean Sea.
You can meet ducks, herons, gulls in that huge area of 55 hectares. In a tank you can see many inhabitants of marine world and admire all the beauty of fauna. Swim in the sea in a shallow bay, or ride in canoe between the small islands.

How to get to these attractions in Sardinia

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