What are the tips to apply vinyl lettering and wall quotes correctly

Want to bring some fun and colors on your otherwise dull and monotonous walls? Vinyl lettering is the best way to do it. Now you can easily add words, letters, names and dates of anything you want with these amazing wall decorating products which can totally change the look and feel of you whole house by making your walls immensely interesting and colorful to look at.

removable wallpaper and stickers

You can choose from a variety of fonts which are available and select them for writing your favorite things on the walls without facing any problem as they are very easy and uncomplicated to set up. You can also affix famous wallstickersquote of people you like as wall quotes are also quite easily obtainable in the market and also in the online shopping sites dedicated to home décor and interior designing.

Brings happiness to your children

Do you have children at home? Then these home décor or wall decor stuff is perfect for you as children loves to write or put stickers on the walls. Painting or sticking pictures or letters in the ordinary wall will give you a hard time to take it out and most parents prohibit writing on the walls and sticking things on the walls.

But with these your children can stick whatever they want on the walls and it will become a design. They can stick it letters or names of their favorite cartoon characters or animals or absolutely anything under the sun which makes them happy. For parents seeing your children happy in the quotes world and cheerful is priceless.

Follow these instruction guidelines

If you want to stick vinyl lettering in your house then it is a must for you to follow the specific set of guidelines which will help you to properly stick the wall stickers in the already decided walls in your home. If you are looking for these to buy from the shop or online stores then make sure that you know exactly your requirements – what you want to put up in your walls as otherwise buying random stuff which you cannot put up in your walls or which will not look good in your walls is just wasting money on useless stuff.

Removing any letter, words, numbers or wall quotes is pretty difficult, rather quite opposite of putting up this stuff which is a piece of cake. Therefore knowing exactly what you need is vital because after it is on the wall, you can do nothing but regret.You should decide beforehand the place where you want to put up the wall décor stuff and clear the space on your wall accordingly. Always clean the wall space where you will put up vinyl wall art and lettering as dust, oil and dirt can ruin the whole display.

You should also choose that whatever you are going to put up will be a one liner or will continue to a second or third line as according to this decision you can place the words or letters, keeping some distance between one another so that it does not look crowded. First measure the height where you want to stick the vinyl lettering and then move to deciding about the width after the height is predetermined.

It is advisable to put the stickers in such a height where it is easy for the person to stick in the wall quotes without facing any problem. If you want to put it up, higher from your height then try and use a chair or a tool to stand up on it and stick up the wall arts and lettering. You need to be gentle and concentrate a lot while putting up the letters, words and numbers so that they stick properly without forming any air bubbles.

While ordering make sure that you order from a genuine online home shopping site as only genuine sites will provide you good quality vinyl wall quotes, stickers and lettering with proper back paper and front paper which is most needed to properly stick them on your walls. Also buying from these sites will assure you that the glue on the wall lettering are of good standard so that it will stick properly on the walls and stay there for a long time, not falls off after few days all by themselves.

As soon as you are ready to stick it up in the wall, mark the place of the wall with a pencil where you want the vinyl lettering on so that you get the new space for kids with wall stickers and the words are not slanted or tilted in one way or the other. Take the word sticker on top of the pencil mark and place it gently in the central position. Slowly wipe the whole sticker with a flat object to make the adhesive stick out properly all over the wall and take out the back paper bit by bit without any hurry.