Where and How Should I Buy My New iPhone

Every year, we hear about a new line of Apple iPhone and every year, millions of us rush out to get one. As a result of such high demand, virtually every electronics store and online institution now offers at least one variation of the product. Because of this, it can be difficult to know where to purchase from. For anyone who is considering the purchase of an iPhone 6 and needs some advice on where and how to buy it, continue reading to discover all the options that exist.

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Purchasing from Carriers

Buying an iPhone 6 from a carrier presents two unique options. Your first option is making the purchase as part of a multi-year contract for mobile phone service. What this will allow you to do is secure the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus upfront (with a down payment), and have the remainder of the cost of the phone included in your monthly payments. Major carriers like Three (whose plans can be found here) may ask that you pay anywhere from £100 to £250 down in order to get your new iPhone. While this provides a way for cash-strapped consumers to get the newest version of the iPhone, it also results in higher costs over time; expect to pay £300 to £500 more for mobile phone service over two years if you agree to a multiple year contract.

Your second option is to buy the iPhone 6 at full price and secure a one-year agreement for service alone. SIM Only Expert allows consumers to inspect this type of plan (known as a SIM-only contract), and compare various carriers’ offerings against each other. While you will have to fork over the full price of the phone upfront, your monthly bills for service will be anywhere from 40-75% less than with a traditional contract. Most major carriers now offer some form of SIM-only contract or another – as well as the ability to buy the phone at full price directly from them.

Purchasing in a Store

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A quick search on Google for iPhone 6 will yield many different results in its Shopping tab. You can use features such as this to track down all of the local entities that offer the iPhone, and visit each desired store afterwards. The appeal in shopping at a store is strong for many, as it allows you to physically see the product before you buy and get any questions answered by a human being face-to-face. In addition to this, there are no waiting times for the product to arrive via mail. Many people simply prefer a traditional approach to shopping, which makes purchasing the device in a store even more appealing.

Purchasing in an Online Store

Some people decide to make their purchase online, but for one reason or another, do not purchase it from Apple directly. One reason has to do with shortages that Apple experiences from time to time in their stock, while another reason can come from retailers offering additional bonuses or discounts on peripherals and other Apple-related products. Because of this, it may be a better idea at times to order from an online retailer with a solid reputation. In some cases, you may save some money on your upgrade, but usually, the overall cost is about the same as it would be through Apple.

Purchasing at the Apple Store

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With hundreds of stores located around the globe, you likely have an Apple Store near you if you live in a major metropolitan area. There are several great reasons to shop directly at the Apple Store over other locations, but not everyone will have the option (depending on location). Perhaps the two biggest advantages are the ability to physically inspect and test the products, and being able to get information and advice from Apple’s Geniuses. You won’t have to worry about being left in the dark when it comes to setting up your iPhone, as the staff on-site will be more than happy to assist. As with any physical purchase, you also won’t have to wait to receive the product and can avoid shipping costs associated with other online retailers.

Purchasing from Apple’s Online Store

If you do not live close enough to a physical Apple Store to make the drive, then consider using Apple’s online store to find what you need. Apple’s UK Store has a selection of every Apple product offered by the company, so you won’t have to scour the web or physical stores to track down all the gadgets and accessories you’d like to purchase. If you don’t need the device right now, then purchasing from the Apple Online Store is a great option. As with the physical Apple Store, customer service representatives are standing by to assist you with purchase-related or tech-related questions about the iPhone 6, and you can take solace in knowing exactly where the product is coming from.

Plenty of Choices

When it comes to buying the new iPhone 6, it’s really a question of where and how you should buy it. Depending on your needs and desires while shopping, you can choose to purchase from Apple – in person or online, from other retailers – also in person or online, or through a carrier. Please consider both where you purchase the device and what type of contract carefully before making your final decision.