Why Is the US Falling Behind in Education?

Contrary to popular belief, the US is lagging behind other countries when it comes to academic achievement. Despite spending more hours on homework than other countries, and spending more money per student, the US only falls in at number 17 in the world for education.

At number one on the academic achievement list comes South Korea, which only assigns students an average of 2.8 hours of homework per week compared to the United States average of 6.1 hours per week. Other major differences between the US and South Korea include; some students in South Korea go to school 6 days per week, and the US spends roughly 1.5 times more per student than South Korea does.

By observing the information compiled by Ozicare on homework around the world, it appears that the majority of countries leading the way in academic success assign less homework to their students. Other countries achieving a high level of academic success, like Japan, put an emphasis on empowering students to be resourceful and learning how to teach themselves things.

In summation, although many countries around the world are lagging far behind the United States in education, we still have a ways to go in improving our academic success. By putting less emphasis on homework, and more emphasis on student empowerments and responsibility, we may be able to catch up with other leading countries around the world.

  homework in different countries

Infographic Source: Ozicare http://www.ozicare.com.au/life/insights/homework-around-the-world